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These plans are just what you need to build your own tree house or tree fort for the the kids, or an elevated tree deck for adults. Hang out, have dinner and drinks, or just retreat for a moment into the trees.

–Included in this package are detailed digital 3D plans, contractor ready blueprints, a complete materials list, and over 150 photos and videos of the building process, along with notes on how best to put it all together.

–These plans are both contractor-ready blueprints and a 3D Sketchup model. Sketchup is a CAD program that allows you to construct in 3D, explore the build, examine all the details of joinery and framing, modify the design, and hide layers. Measurements can be taken and screenshots can be printed. Even if you don’t intend to build things exactly shown this is a great starting point to adapt it to your needs. Sketchup is available in paid premium versions (with free trials), and as an always-free web app, so there is no added cost to using this model.

–Platform measures 10×12 feet (120 square feet).

–This platform was designed to be as simple to construct as possible and only uses two trees. It can easily be adapted to smaller and larges sizes depending on the distance between your two trees.

–Plans can be adapted to use with only 1 tree, or even with 3 or more trees.

–An important note: If you look in our photos you’ll see we never built a platform like the one in these plans. This is for two reasons: First, because our tree decks were an evolution and we learned best practices along the way, so each tree deck improved on the last. Second, they were all specific to the trees we were building in, so they had unique designs. What I have designed here is a basic version that only requires two trees! AND it combines all the best features and qualities of our various builds!

–The approximate cost of materials is about $3500

–For a smaller single tree treefort see our design here:

–For sheds, treehouses, cabins, ADUs, bathrooms, and more, see the rest of our store at

–See more photos and info at

Plans are copyrighted by ElevatedSpaces and are for personal use only, so no commercial distribution, please.


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