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The pictured shed is 8X22, but its modular design allows it to be built as 8X8, or 8X15. Pictured storage brackets that protrude through the back wall are optional (plans for both versions are included) and these supports can hold lumber, shelves, or equipment, on both the inside and outside of the shed.

You can use this dynamic space as an equipment shed, lumber shed, potting shed, outdoor kitchen, workshop, firewood shed, livestock shelter, dog kennel, or a carport for your fleet of golf carts.

— Package includes digital 3D plans, contractor-ready blueprint construction drawings, materials list, notes on the build process and materials, and 50 photos from construction. — everything required to build an inspired shed.

— The roof uses uncut corrugated panels and the posts, beams, rafters, and boards are all optimized to use material as efficiently as possible and to be assembled as easily as possible. This is a simple, affordable build.

— Footprint is 8X22, but as mentioned it’s modular so it can be built as 8X8, or 8X15. Roof is 12’X24′.

— Dimensions and layout measurements in Sketchup can conveniently switch to metric.

— Sketchup models of the shed with, and without, the storage brackets are included. Sketchup is a CAD program that allows you to construct in 3D, explore the build, examine all the details of joinery and framing, modify the design, and hide layers. Measurements can be taken and screenshots can be printed. Even if you don’t intend to build things exactly shown this is a great starting point to adapt it to your needs. Sketchup is available in paid premium versions (with free trials), and as an always-free web app, so there is no added cost to using this model.

— Cost of materials is approximately $3,000, but it depends on the wood you choose and your local prices.

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