Cabin House Plan, 2-Story 2-Bedroom 455 SF Cottage Building Construction Drawings with Material List




12×28 Scandinavian Style Cabin Building Plan.

Professionally drawn plans with Material List. It features a decent Studio living room, kitchen, and a bathroom. Quite impressively, the rustic cabin accommodates two bedroom. One bedroom is located on the ground floor and the other one on the loft, overlooking the open space below it.

Building dimensions and elements:

width 12′
length 28′
Height 14′
Roof Slope 6/12
Total 455 Sq/Ft
Wood frame construction : 2×6

Plan includes:

Cover Page 1
Disclaimer 2
Floor Plan 3
Simplifield Floor Plan 4
Second Floor Plan 5
Concrete Slab Floor Plan 6
Front Wall Elevation 7
Right and Left Wall Elevation 8
Rear Wall Elevation 9
Section A – A and 3D View 10
Front Wall Framing 11
Right and Left Wall Framing 12
Rear Wall Framing 13
Inside Wall and Rafter Cut List 14
Ceiling Joist Plan 15
Roof Plan 16
Detail 17
Detail 18
Nailing Schedule 19
Material List 20

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