2 Car Modern Garage plan-23′ x 24′ Building Blueprints Package With Loft Storage




23’x24′ Modern Garage plan.

Plan set is drawn at 1/4″=1’/0” scale and includes the following drawings:

Artist’s Rendering: An artist’s drawing of the home, usually viewed from the front, and general construction notes.

Elevations: Shows the front, sides, and rear, including exterior materials, trim sizes, roof pitches, etc.

Main Floor Plan: Shows placement and dimensions of walls, doors, & windows. fixtures, beams, ceiling heights, etc.

Second Floor Plan (if any): Shows the second floor in the same detail as the main floor. Includes Loft storage and details.

Foundation Plan: Shows the location of all concrete footings, floor beams, first floor framing, and foundation details.

Floor Framing Plan (if any): Shows location and spacing of floor joists and supporting walls or beams.

Roof Framing Plan: Shows roof outlines, conventional framing/trusses, beams, roof framing details, etc.

Section & Details: Shows a cross-section of the home. Shows support members, exterior and interior materials, insulation, and foundation. Specific details are drawn at 3/8″ = 1’/0” scale, and appear as needed throughout the prints.

Electrical Plan: A schematic layout of all lighting, switches and electrical outlets.

Building dimensions and elements:

width 23′
length 23′-6′
Height +/- 14′
Roof Slope 3/12
Total 495 Sq/Ft
Wood frame construction : 2×6

Plan includes:

Cover page 1
Disclaimer 2
Floor Plan 3
Foundation Plan 4
Front Wall Elevation 5
Left Wall Elevation 6
Right Wall Elevation 7
Rear Wall Elevation 8
Section A – A 9
Section B – B 10
Framing Plan 11
Roof Plan 12
Window & Door Schedule 13
Details 14
Construction Frame Details 15
Construction Frame Details 16
Electrical Plan 17
General Notes 18

Print paper sizes : 11.7 x 16.5 inches

This is a downloadable PDF and can be printed out at home after purchase.

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